Jake Gyllenhaal has been so impressive in a range of films over the past few years, and as a fan of Sons of Anarchy, this is most definitely on my watch list for next year…


Hollywood Reporter : Actress Roundtable.

I am a huge fan of film. Especially when the script includes a strong female role.

I look forward to these kind of roundtables from the Hollywood Reporter every year, because it’s a chance to hear from the inspiring, passionate, intelligent women who take those roles on…

White Teeth by Zadie Smith.

I finished reading White Teeth this morning, and wanted to share one of my favourite passages. It’s not the most intriguing or eye opening from the author, but I think it encapsulates the humour of the story, something that I found particularly interesting and enjoyable. Be warned of spoilers however – the quote comes from the latter half of the book…

‘… They need help. I just walked past the bathroom and Magid is sitting in the bath with his jeans on. Yes. All right? Now, ‘ said Joyce, serene as a bovine, ‘I should think I know a traumatised child when I see one.’

(White Teeth, p. 436)

A pretty great idea..

“While some people are slowly walking home through the neon-lit streets, or getting ready to hit the club scene, others are on their way to a more unusual nocturnal hangout — a bookstore […] Here, young and old sit side-by-side on small steps or around reading tables, deeply engrossed in literary worlds”…

Film Review : Nightcrawler.

In his latest film, Jake Gyllenhaal plays Lou Bloom, an aspiring news cameraman, who will do anything to get the footage he needs. Anything.

The movie plays like a satire on how obsessed today’s society is with getting news fast and with as much information as possible. We always want more. More information. More pictures and footage. Regardless of how intrusive or horrifying it can be in some cases.

Gyllenhaal has obviously slimmed down for the role, and it just adds to the creepy nature of his character. He’s fantastic, as he has been in many of his recent projects (Prisoners with Hugh Jackman).

It’s an interesting and surprisingly funny film. It’s also refreshing to see some genuinely good films appearing amongst all the rubbish of the summer. Definitely worth the cinema ticket.