My Cousin Rachel

Those things can never be explained, they happen. Why this man should love that woman, what queer chemical mix-up in our blood draws us to one another, who can tell? 

***Spoilers ahead***

I can’t say I saw that ending coming. What a great closing to the story though. The intrigue.. The mystery! What do we think? Was Rachel poisoning him? Did she really care for him? Did he go mad in the end? Was Ambrose mad since his nephew was a child? So many questions. No way to find the answers except to decide for ourselves… 

Gina Prince-Bythewood: Lenny, Oct. 13 2015. 

My favorite stat — 90 percent of female CEOs played sports. Swagger is the belief that we belong in any setting. That we can succeed in any setting. That it is okay to want to be the best. To be in charge. To lead. To have say over our own bodies. To demand equal pay. To be president. Talent has no gender. Leadership has no gender. Badass has no gender.

Lenny – Friday Interview. 

I’ve subscribed to Lenny and I’m loving it. Especially with interviews like this one with Michele Roberts, the first woman to hold the position of Executive Director of the NBPA. 

One of my happiest moments when I got this job was meeting Clyde Frazier. But also, living now again in New York, when I would pass an outside court and hear the sound of a basketball ‐ that’s a sound I heard almost every day of my life growing up, because I lived in the projects and we had two large basketball courts that were in the center of the projects. And it wasn’t just the summer. If there wasn’t snow on the ground, every day you could hear the sound of a basketball.