US by David Nicholls

.. I feel my life could be divided into two distinct parts – Before Connie and After Connie […] it might be useful to give an account of how we met. This is a love story, after all. Certainly love comes into it.

I started this thinking I knew exactly what kind of story it was going to be. Boy loves girl. Boy and girl grow up, start having problems and boy must work to win the girl back. I just didn’t account for Albie.

Poor Douglas. I have to say I felt sorry for him by the end. He’s quite an awkward and almost hopeless character who you can see is trying to do and say the right thing but just never getting it quite right. This line in particular killed me:

I watched him go and thought, not for the first or the last time, what an awful feeling it is to reach out for something and find your hand is grasping, grasping at the air.

All in all, if you like David Nicholls, you’ll like this.