Novels stimulate the imagination. You read about what drives the characters and about the choices and mistakes they make. This makes you see more possibilities and think more creatively about your own life path.

I received a copy of Flow for Christmas and am now set to subscribe to the magazine for the year – some wonderful images and quotes throughout. A feature made for paper lovers.




… I love my life and it takes every step to get to where you are, and if you are happy, then God bless the hard times it took you to get there. No life is without them, so what are yours, and what did you do with the lessons? That is the only way to live. 

Drew Barrymore, for a young life that was a little tough, has a very positive outlook on life. And this book, to put it simply, made me happy. And what’s life without a little happiness? There’s her dedication to her work, and the importance of giving it your all:

Work takes giving it your all, or it will not get done right. You have to kill yourself. Do your homework. Exhaust yourself. Focus on every detail. You have to put all of yourself into something with your heart, and your gut instinct, your personal taste and your belief, or it will not get done right. Which can lead to failure. Even if that failure is just knowing that you cut corners. And that is not an option. 

And her loyalty to her friends.. 

… I once knew a boy name Adam. And I hoped that we could be a team, but what I found was a true partner. I now know a man named Adam, and trust me when I say, he is as great as you want him to be. 

Then there’s the love she shows for her daughters and the warm fuzzy feeling you get reading about how she met her husband:

Something changed right there and then. Here was this cute nice man who I knew well enough to know he was a good person. The training wheels were off and all of a sudden he didn’t look like fun. He looked real. […] .. The feeling in the air was obvious. 

Endlessly quotable. I’ll be coming back to this one again and again.