The Ocean at the End of the Lane

She had such unusual eyes. They made me think of the seaside, and so I called her Ocean, and could not have told you why.

This book kind of scared me (Ursula in particular. I was not a fan of the flea) so it took a bit of the enjoyment out of reading it, but if it created such a reaction then Gaiman was doing something right. I did love the above quote though. And the ending.


I was so nervous about seeing this because I loved the book so much but there was no need to worry. A fantastic adaptation so perfectly brought to screen by Lenny Abrahamson. Brie Larson breaks your heart, Jacob Tremblay puts it back together. None of it possible without the words from Emma Donoghue. This movie deserves all the attention it’s receiving, and more.

America’s Queen.

For herself she foresaw a future as the circus queen who… married the [daring] young man on the flying trapeze.

I really flew through this over the Christmas holidays. It’s an interesting  read on the ever twisting-and-turning life led by Jacqueline Kennedy. Entertaining at times, while a little dull at others, the most interesting takeaway for me was how dedicated she was to supporting and retaining the Camelot myth – for her entire life.