I Wished for You by Amy Huberman

This was fun, and an easy read. My favourite quote, although quite long, was and is…

…not everything had to come out in the wash. That sometimes stains and imperfections were a good thing. That was why she surrounded herself with vintage things, old things, old memories. Because sometimes that stubborn old stain was proof you’d lived, proof that you’d been somewhere, done something. That you’d made certain choices. That you were present. That missing button on a blouse after a night of pure passion with a lover. That wine stain from a friend’s dinner party. The ink mark at the bottom of your handbag after you’d written your mother’s birthday card.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

And I’m gonna be yer friend whether yeh like it or not. ‘Cos yeh’ve had it tough, not that yeh know it yet. An’ yer gonna need friends. Now yer best come with me don’t yeh think?

I so badly wanted to love this, even like it, but it wasn’t to be. It just can’t live up to or even match the standard set by the original seven. The only moment I enjoyed was a couple of paragraphs including an old character. Overall – A pointless endeavour.


A strange family indeed; such unlikely sisters.

Hadley, Fife, Martha and Mary. Four women with one man in common: Mr. Hemingway. Wood brings the characters to life in this “faction” of the famous author and his numerous wives. You’ll fall for each wife, as Ernest did, and cry with them when he breaks their heart. It’s an enticing read. Perfect summer reading.


To hell with my soul; he is my soul! I love him, why can’t you see that? I need him and he needs me. We are the same guy.

My God, she thinks, he’s done it, he has broken my heart.