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The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

A book full of quotable quotes… Loved it.

Will you help me? Can I trust you? […] And so often, underneath it all, these questions originate in our basic, human longing to know: Do you love me?

P. 3

Sometimes people just don’t want the flower. Sometimes you have to let them walk away.

P. 36

We started to blend with each other, the only way we knew how. Using art. Collecting and connecting the dots of each other’s lives. All art, no matter what shape it is, has to come from somewhere. We can only connect the dots that we can collect.

P. 142

Maybe you just weren’t ready to be asked, I said. Or maybe, he said, I found the person I could answer.

P. 162

… This is what art does. Good or bad, it imagines the insides, the heart of the other, whether that heart is full of light or trapped in darkness.

P. 289