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Lenny Interview – Emma Donoghue

I love this recent quote from the author.. (from an interview featured in the latest issue of Lenny)

With my novels, I tend to put my historian’s hat on and take the facts as far as they go. Was there a train that afternoon at three o’clock? What was the name of the bird that would have been flying by? Then I think, Great, whip off my historian’s hat, put on my fiction writer’s hat, and I’m thrilled to be making it all up again.



I was so nervous about seeing this because I loved the book so much but there was no need to worry. A fantastic adaptation so perfectly brought to screen by Lenny Abrahamson. Brie Larson breaks your heart, Jacob Tremblay puts it back together. None of it possible without the words from Emma Donoghue. This movie deserves all the attention it’s receiving, and more.