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I Wished for You by Amy Huberman

This was fun, and an easy read. My favourite quote, although quite long, was and is…

…not everything had to come out in the wash. That sometimes stains and imperfections were a good thing. That was why she surrounded herself with vintage things, old things, old memories. Because sometimes that stubborn old stain was proof you’d lived, proof that you’d been somewhere, done something. That you’d made certain choices. That you were present. That missing button on a blouse after a night of pure passion with a lover. That wine stain from a friend’s dinner party. The ink mark at the bottom of your handbag after you’d written your mother’s birthday card.

The Thing About December

Isn’t it a noble thing all the same, loneliness? There’s a dignity in it, at least. You can’t make a show of yourself when you’re on your own. You can’t sound stupid opposite nobody. People are better inside your head. When you’re longing for them, they’re perfect.

This book broke my heart. Highly recommend it.