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The Soul.

Henry Ford believed the soul of a person is located in their last breath and so captured the last breath of his best friend Thomas Edison in a test tube and kept it evermore. It is on display at the Henry Ford Museum outside Detroit, like Galileo’s finger in the church of Santa Croce, but Edison’s last breath is an invisible relic.

Elizabeth Alexander (taken from Brain Pickings Weekly)


My Weekend: A Snapshot

Aside from discovering Dubsmash (Every Beyoncé song ever has been covered), I spent the weekend going to museums, and also attending one of the many events on at the moment as part of the Dublin Literature Festival.


I started with the Yeats exhibition at the National Library. A really wonderful experience, with little corners created where you can sit and listen to people read from the writer’s vast body of work, or watch videos with subjects ranging from the Abbey Theatre to his wife, Georgiana Hyde-Lees (who I knew nothing about before, and am now very intrigued by).

I then went to the National Gallery, where Sean Scully’s work is on display. My favourites? ‘White Window’ & ‘A Happy Land’.

Next, a little exhibition in the Instituto Cervantes from the artist Daniel Rodriguez Castro (It’s the little postcard in the middle). Some really beautiful work that I hope is getting the footfall it deserves.


However, I must say it was Fergal McCarthy’s ‘Lighthouse’ installation in the Trinity Science Gallery that really struck me. A lovely idea, which you can read more about here: https://dublin.sciencegallery.com/homesick/lighthouse


(I always make time for the cinema, and let me tell you, Daario Naharis is as good looking in regular clothing as in the Game of Thrones costumes).


Today, I went to an Alice in Wonderland event as part of the Dublin Literature Festival, with Robert Douglas-Fairhurst, Catherine Tait & Fiona Shaw (who all very kindly signed my ticket afterwards). Douglas-Fairhurst said something about books that I loved: “We don’t worm our way into books, books worm their way into us”. It was a really interesting conversation about Alice in Wonderland and its author and heroine. Plus, hearing Shaw read from the book was something I wasn’t aware I had always wanted.

And there it is, a snapshot of my weekend. I don’t always have the time to go and see all that is happening around me, but when I do take the time, it is so rewarding – to be surrounded, influenced, and encouraged, by all the wonderful culture that is just outside my door.

Brain Pickings..

I subscribe to the newsletter from the wonderful website Brain Pickings, and get gems such as this delivered to my inbox once a week…

We’re only here for a short while. And I think it’s such a lucky accident, having been born, that we’re almost obliged to pay attention. In some ways, this is getting far afield. I mean, we are – as far as we know – the only part of the universe that’s self-conscious. We could even be the universe’s form of consciousness. We might have come along so that the universe could look at itself. I don’t know that, but we’re made of the same stuff that stars are made of, or that floats around in space. But we’re combined in such a way that we can describe what it’s like to be alive, to be witnesses. Most of our experience is that of being a witness. We see and hear and smell other things. I think being alive is responding.

(From the Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Mark Strand).